Extraordinary Rules

How this site will develop is entirely up to you — but what I’m hoping for is a mass archive of activity documenting how artists can rise to the challenges of practicing at this time, and forge new and more sophisticated understandings of art practice.

The site is public and can be viewed by anyone. You can set posts to private if you do not want to make them public.

The site is shared — we all have Administrator permissions. So please be respectful of others’ posts and don’t delete anything,. If this happens please let me know asap and I will do my best to recover.

The site has limited storage — so PLEASE do not upload large files. Images should be low-quality (only 72ppi needed), and media files should be stored on an external site ie YouTube or Vimeo and embedded to the blog, never uploaded. UAL will give us more space if we need it — up to a point. So please keep uploads to small files only and link in or embed as much as possible.

Please do develop your own online projects and collaborations, etc — if you’re working on different sites, you can link these in to the Extraordinary Times menu.

You still have to do 5-10 Mafazine blogs — but you can select ‘the best bits’ from your Extraordinary Times posts to put on Mafazine and use for the assessment.

As we all know each other already, and we may be isolated together online for a while, I’ve invited some new people to join us in Extraordinary Times, including MA Curating and Collections students, 18-19 MAFA alumni, as well as some special guests. They are all working in the same unprecedented conditions we are — please make them feel very welcome, and most importantly please expand your networks of friends and colleagues. Now is the time for sharing. Any and all collaborations are encouraged.

You should comment regularly on each other’s posts to have online discussion, it’ super-important we give each other a lot of support. And please do communicate with each other as much as possible — on and off MAFA channels.

As there will be lots of people using this site, please don’t keep your ET dashboard open if you’re not using it. It would be very helpful to prepare your materials off-line, then log in to upload your materials, and then leave the ET the dashboard. This will hopefully avoid any issues with user congestion. As we’ll be spread across different time zones this shouldn’t be a huge issue — but just in case. If the site is running slowly, leave it for a while and upload later. Last year we ran this system with 58 people, and we didn’t have any problems — but how this will work with 90+ is uncharted territory, so please try to be efficient.

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