In excess

I wonder what we’ll learn from all this
It’s hard to realise the moments as they develop
I guess, only later we’ll manage to reflect on them
Change is already happening though
Too many text messages
Not a lot of toilet paper
Saving that pack of pasta for a “rainy day”
Today felt like the last day I’d be up and about
Went to collect some gear from Chelsea loan store
Bought some art making paper
Left the whole pack on the train!
Took photos of empty London
And some odd videos

Keeping distance
London Bridge 190320-9.24am

2 thoughts on “In excess

  • Thanks for the clip Jeff.
    I’ve always wanted to watch Akerman’s films – heard of her so many times – and can’t believe how pertinent her work is to my videos.
    You gave me lots of food for thought as the gear I got from Chelsea is a video camera hehehe
    Maybe I’ve got my lock down sorted 😉
    I’m well thanks and full of ideas, hope you’re too.


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