I conceived this piece for The Secret Is Out Exhibition which was part of the Festival of Alternative Arts that was going to be held at Conway Hall but has been cancelled.

ShhhhhShhhhh is a spoken word piece performed by the viewer under the rotunda, a domed ceiling situated outside the main hall. This particular area is known to naturally amplify the voice thanks to the elliptical ceiling. Shhhhh is a site specific installation which responds directly to the architecture of Conway Hall whilst referencing the exhibition title, The Secret is Out. It highlights how a lone voice is never alone, so long as we speak out. There is always someone listening.

I was planning on printing the words (as seen below) on the wall next to the rotunda. Alongside this there will be a sign encouraging people to read the words aloud.

I initially planned to have the words on an A4 sheet which you would have to pick up to read. This way, rather than being able to read from afar you would have to pick up the A4 sheet and therefore find yourself under the rotunda. Because the exhibition was going to unmanned for a month, I thought a display on the wall would be more practical.


Is anyone listening? 

Can you hear me? 

Are you listening now? 

Can you hear me 

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