GREEN SCREEN on a boat!

I MISS YOU ALL SO MUCH XXXXX This week we made a green screen on my boat to try to make a movie. We are so low budget at the moment as I don’t have many art supplies. My partner made a snake for me out of a bed sheet. We didn’t have any makeup so my partner used paint and painted me red!!! You can still see traces of red all over our boat from the shoot. I wish I could show you the video, but can’t at the moment, as I’m having trouble getting it on youtube because I used a copyright song from AC/DC. Here are some still photos from are shoot. PS I CANT WIAT TO SEE YOU ALL AGAIN WHEN THIS QUARANTINE IS DONE XXXXXX

I had to sit down cause our green screen was not big enough standing up!I had to sit down cause our green screen was not big enough standing up!

Happy Easter Everyone!


I was able to upload the video to Vimeo so here it is! Boat Green Screen!!!!!

4 thoughts on “GREEN SCREEN on a boat!

  • Oh my god I love it! I love the snake and the pentagrams on the glasses remind me of a belt buckle I used to wear :’) hope you are doing okay and I look forward to seeing you soon 🙂

  • This is amazing!
    I’m so looking forward to seeing the video. You’re awesome XXX

  • I think I like the picture with the apple the best. Eyes are extraordinary. And the socks and shoes make it very weird

  • Eva Barkardottir

    I love this so much! The low budget green screen studio is legendary! My favourite part is the smile in the end, that menacing, knowing but somehow kind devil smile


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