Change management

I’ve been thinking about this since the beginning of the year, starting a piece about 100 times, as text, then as video, then as something else, and never getting anywhere. So I’m posting something ‘as evidence’ of my process.

The background is in organisational management and various strategies for change, change agent programmes I’ve been involved in, and change processes I’ve been subjected to. I also keep thinking of a cheap old management book that someone once mentioned and got stuck in my head, called “Who moved my cheese?” (S. Johnson, 1998). Basically, you always have to anticipate the fact that someone at some point will move your cheese, and be ready for your next adaptive move. It’s pretty ruthless but that’s the way the system works. One becomes pretty skilled at it.

The point is, I’m not sure this gets through to an audience, based on earlier iterations. Some people got it, others thought, it’s just an exercise routine.

2 thoughts on “Change management

  • absolutely it matters. I don’t want people to think “woman doing exercise”. the title is crystal clear but still, I don’t know what’s the best way of going about this. My opacity remains my own secret!


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