Continuation of practice – playing with 3D elements

Despite being out of the working facilities at university. I have been able to narrow down my ideas and what I want to experiment with. I wanted to pursue the installation of works during the course, I wanted to make my work dominate a space by using 3D methods of installing my work.

snippets from screenshots

At my old converted shed in my mother’s back garden near Oxford, I am able to make work again. I was concerned of my practice taking a step back, making work I used to make in the shed. I was concerned with making work that is fundamentally the same thing over again because of the lack of facilities to pursue ideas. However, I have managed to play with creating static blocks of information from found objects from my mother’s junk pile of materials. I even tried using finished refined boxes but I was worried that the viewer would focus more on the technicalities of the making of the box instead of looking at the work itself. This a good starting point to where I can explore further with found objects and blending the digital images onto one surface.

snippets from screenshots

Here is a link to my Instagram where you can see my works in progress – from paintings to prints to objects:

Stephen Nulty

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