Virtual Studio/Perspectives

Above is a simple studio space for testing out virtual ideas. This space in Unity allows me to view animated models and interact with objects as well as test visual effects and materials. Before I move into a new project, I play around with placeholders instead.
It is important to consider artistic input and output. Though my work is created on the right hand (editor) view, the output generally looks different.
The sheer size of places is often reflected differently via perspective. Sprawling landscapes can appear tiny in the editor view, or can even hint towards an even larger space.
When considering the development of spaces, I take into consideration who/what is viewing this space and how their perception affects their navigation of different environments.

Transparency is key when depicting development of spaces or projects- if there is no conversation about the creation of a world then many nuances and developmental decisions are left out and the space can appear to have less depth.

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