The Lovley Ugly Duckling

I have always loved the story of the ugly duckling. To me it feels like a coming of age story or a coming out story. I love the sweet little swan that doesn’t fit in. He’s a misfit and misunderstood but finds a place where he belongs in the end. It’s a happily ever after story. I wanted to make my own video about the little ugly swan. Do to corona virus my options where limited so I pulled out all the garbage bags from the cupboard and set to work sowing them on to an emergency rain jacket we had lying around the boat. Then we made our low budget boat green screen again and I even forced my partner to take a video of me out side in the tree across from our boat. I really owe him!!!! He is such a good sport. Also because of corona virus I wanted to involve my best friend Calvin who lives in Canada. I sent him a script and asked him to record it for me. which he did. So he is my lovely narrator and story teller. It was a fun to involve my friend, as its a crazy time in the world. I think making art with others and getting people involved is such a great way to bring people together. It’s also always fun to calibrate with your bestie. Any how, I hope you enjoy the video. I have added some pic below of the making of the video!

My green pants make the perfect head piece as they will help to edit out the back ground in the editing process.

I use watercolour paint to paint my face as its all I have at this time.

Setting up the green screen. We take the windows out of out, put a pole threw, then hang the green cloth.
Just a regular day. Climbing a tree in my homemade bird out fit, made out of rubbish bags.

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