Having found myself with slightly more spare time on my hands I have decided to re-visit a blog that I kept for a while. It’s a visual arts, design, interiors, lifestyle sort of blog that I used as a kind of mood board and to get across a visual ethos to my customers when I had a picture framing business. Its heavy on the “retinal” kind of stuff but I decided to re-invent it somewhat and start posting in it again with more of a focus on artwork that has inspired my practice or that I just find interesting. A bit more grown up. At the moment it consists of just images and accompanying credits to the artist but I want to start writing small captions that can give some background or thoughts on the work. The main blog is on tumblr but I’m also posting on instagram which seems a far more appropriate platform for todays audience. Artist hashtag following is my new hobby. You can visit the blog by following this link or follow the instagram account here.

2 thoughts on “blogging

  • I like your Magic Window visual blog. I find it interesting that a lot of the stuff there also interests me (or used to be the kind of stuff I looked at all the time) and still our paths are so different, ahahah!

  • Or maybe … it’s the kind of stuff I would do if I had a [forbidden word]*

    * (studio)


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