Jingbo Zou
Virtual Show/ Live Stream
6-May-2020, 13:00

We exist in a world where we are obliged to be seen, according to Lacan’s theory, ‘given to be seen’.It seems to become one of the evidence of an ontological problem, as I breathe, I live, or I exist. However, ‘gaze’ differs from ‘see’, as it works unconsciously and involves rather ambiguous concepts. One could see things as objects, yet, one is given to be seen as a subject. Interestingly, a mobile phone is humanized and placed in an infinite void were seen and given to be seen remain at the same time. The term ‘gaze’ is isolated and stressed objectively, no longer exists unconsciously, nor invisible. This installation is only complete when invisible data is transferred within devices and sights in order to discuss such profound ontological question. It illustrates a very vivid answer, ‘gaze’ precedes ‘see’—what a horrible notion.

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