Quarantine Time– Yi Dong

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I used these photos to record these heroes who are help us in this invisible project to remember them .We cannot allow to see these protectors with face to face. so I collected photos with my quarantine friends who stayed in other hotels.This dairy is about my quarantine time in China. I stayed in hotel for 14 days. People were divided into different rooms without visiting and delivering. We only get needs from 3 times each day. But we were not allow go out our room and open our room door.These prevention workers supported us needs during this period. It looks like a training or testing to us. We did not know the accurate time for giving food, so we try to hear the sounds from out of the door. It is has resemblance with Classical conditioning.The sounds made from workers’ coveralls. We waiting for them behind our spying hole to catch this moment.

During special quarantine time, people walk out on the street with masks for asking. Citizens find that masks as a needs in their daily life after few months. We are still hold these tools for fighting and protect us outside our home. These abandoned masks  look like  flats to show us to remember that we are stay with this invisible enemy in a war.

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