Text work

While in isolation and restricted by the choice of material or the material that I would usually play around with, it has got me thinking about my practice as a whole. Formlessness is a topic that has cropped up throughout my work without me ever being conscious of it. It can be portrayed in a physical manifestation of an object, sculpture etc that is unrecognisable to anything else. It can be portrayed through language and text focusing on the issues of translation and the gap between instruction and action, much like Chinese whispers. It is also very much apparent in the 21st century through the digitalisation of art and the re-materialisation of the object through the digital form. It is at this point that artists’ such as Jenny Holzer, Joanne Tatham and Tom Sullivan, whose use of the digitalised text became re-materialisations in the physical space. They become text sculptures that hold weight as art objects as well critical responses to society.


Attempting to ground my writing with the materials I have…

Attempting to free my writing…

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