documentation of fleeting moments

a selected group of screenshots of things I, for differing reasons, thought were important enough to capture between 01-08 May 2020.

Screenshot of a webcam image of new work, to show Alistair my progress.

How long is too long for a facebook call with your now long distance boyfriend?

10pm google maps trip to the Bahama’s.

9pm google maps trip to a marine equipment store by accident, in Maine, USA.

Sent to Joe Mole, to discuss the coming breakdown of the UK.

Dazed.com article on Grimes and Elon Musk’s new baby name

Alistair had just killed my character in Garry’s Mod. He didn’t believe me when i told him how ridiculous the character looked.

Virtual art-making in Garry’s Mod.

LDR skype

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