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Extraordinary times

What’s wrong with “extraordinary”? Perhaps it’s the suggestion of a one-off big event which at some point will be over, and life will resume in an ordinary way. And possibly this is what it’s going to amount to many people, especially younger ones who haven’t experienced big shocks to the system.

But is was never really ordinary.

Anyway the only reason I am writing this today is that I found something that resonated in an ODI blog, here goes:

[…] we simply get overwhelmed just thinking about the enormity of the problems and what to do about them. So perhaps, when we say we live in unprecedented times what we really mean is that we have not allowed ourselves to fully grasp the true nature, characteristics and complexity of global threats. This also explains why our risk management mindset remains very siloed.

Full article by Rebecca Nadin : https://medium.com/@r.nadin/if-we-were-not-ready-for-a-predictable-pandemic-what-else-arent-we-ready-for-e28812e16e84

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