taking a magnet for a walk 2 (an update)

Today we went out for another magnet walk and returned to the Royal Hospital Gardens. Sadly it was shut. We left it a bit late in the day and its hard to tell if it was closed due to our tardiness, or to further protect the Chelsea Pensioners. Maybe the hand sanitiser on the gate wasn’t precaution enough.

Well, aside from that disappointment, I couldn’t have been more thrilled to find that my display of items on the wall outside, from “taking a magnet for a walk 2 (there)”, had survived!

2 and a half weeks!! / 18 days!!! Sat on a wall, undisturbed.

Not much was missing, and the most fantastic part, someone had actually added something new!

In the daily grind of not much happening, this is front page news, and so I share some photos with you here.

taking a magnet for a walk 2 (the return)

and when you venture out, you have to return, and so a fresh display to show at the bins

taking a magnet for a walk 2 (and back again)

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