Dear people (Part II)

I am sorry I have been away from my desk 

managing the kids, every day.

I know
thanks to your forbearance we are
being overwhelmed, tragically
Terrific job.

And I stress
we have seen a physical assailant
sheer grit and guts
an unexpected and invisible mugger
wrestle it to the floor
even temporarily (I share your anxiety)

And yes, and so yes
without our private sector
there will be no cash
thanks to our resolve.

We defied, we did not, we did not
and on the contrary though clearly, (and we simply cannot spell)
slam on the brakes much more
fire up the engines
contain your impatience.
I know it is tough
losing control.

And so it follows that
I want to serve notice.
And of course,
preparations are under way

But for now we must stay alert
we must continue, we must see
we must sort, we must see,
we must fix, we must make
we must do, we must have.

So work if you can, but you should go to work if you can’t. It is right.
And when you do go to work
take more and even unlimited amounts
sit in the sun, drive, play, obey the rules, break them,
put up with your freedom.

Force the reproduction, be more resilient, more innovative, more economically dynamic, more generous more sharing. 

Invisible killer:
you have put up with
world-beating light of science,
our new system
Year 1 and Year 6.

And of course we will be
down the mountain:
Stay alert, devilish illness.

And thanks to you I know – you know – that it would be madness
across the political spectrum,
overwhelmingly vicious.

We have by no means
devotion, good sense – never seen before.

And yet
and though
and so no
we hope
we didn’t fully understand.

And I know that
we can’t do
scientific advice.
The devotion
being performed round the clock 
(determined primarily by R – not by mere big Ifs.)
won’t allow it.

And so every day,
I am serving notice
though I stress could
stay alert round the clock.

[to be continued]

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