The enjoyment of being stuck

I’ve been enjoying my time stuck in Lockdown, the trees look greener, and time is moving slower my only issue is thinking about what I should be making. I have had no trouble finding the motivation to work but being under resourced has been the only downfall to my practice as I’m facing a massive wear and tear issue most things I have have reached the end of their inevitable time scale so I’m making work out of broken and beaten pieces of equipment. With the work becoming a portrait of being stuck in a situation I’ll never face again with the anxiety of not knowing whats happening next juxtaposing a feeling of falling in love with the lockdown creating a somewhat paradise.

I’ve being wondering what way would be best to show the progress/decline state I am at so I think a series of video entries of how my practice is adapting in the worst and how it is starting to snap back to normal with life slowly reverting back to how it was before the lockdown.

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