toilet press releases

When lockdown started toilet paper was in short supply so I gathered up all the available paper in the house whilst contemplating teaching my kids how to use a jug of water. A lot of the spare paper was press releases collected from galleries, and some might agree not even good enough for toilet paper. In the end we didn’t run out of toilet paper but I still had a stack, so I thought I would show the press releases in the toilet as an exhibition / gallery. And if anyone runs out of toilet paper, they can always take one directly off of the wall.

Covering one exhibition a week, the gallery ran for 10 weeks, until I ran out of press releases from the first stack and couldn’t be bothered to sort through any more of my stuff. I tentatively mentioned this on instagram, incase anyone wanted me to show their press release, but after a couple of initial enquiries, nothing. I don’t have a printer, and I guess asking people to post them to me is a step too far right now.

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