Arts & Culture – Like Lick review

“A superb achievement … truly of the moment”

Like Lick has managed to combine a work that has political aspects, formal abstract attributes and humour, and a critical relationship to the body, in quite short time. It can be at times confusing, but in a good way. 

Its inclusion of reflections from the screen, filmed screens, and overlaid, conflicting sounds (‘where is the edge of the work?’) reminds us of early video works or experimental film from 1970s, building on the cinematic devices of split screen, text/image.

This piece responds to the current situation very well, and also tests the boundaries of what is permitted. In many ways it is ‘Anti-Tech’ – the montage is confusing, muffled, conflictual, blurred, the content is ‘un-PC’ -but these are transformed into mechanisms of non-compliance.

It is significant piece, ‘of the moment’, and a superb achievement in terms of collaborative endeavour.

Live Lick is invisible athttps://www.youtube.com/watch?n ncua;ONCOie923rum

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