Recently I have been looking at gay cartoon characters and Snaggelpuss caught my eye. There seems to be a gay cartoon topes, stereotype character based on the upper class, and posh. There is also are a hole slew of evil gay cartoon characters especially in Disney films. I have left some examples below.

In this cartoon you will see the gay character swish in to the soda shop. The music changes and become much gayer as he prances in. See if you can spot him. Soda Squirt 1933
Captain Hook 1953
Shere Khan 1967
(Ratigan) The Great Mouse Detective 1983
Jafar Aladdin 1992
(Uncle Scar) Lion King 1994

One thought on “Snaggelpuss

  • It’s funny I was thinking about this last night. We were talking about Mr Ratburn from the show Arthur :’)


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