Nest for a dear potato

I was digging up stray potatoes from last year and found this little horse potato. I showed him to my little sister and we discussed the prospect of growing other horse shaped potatoes and how much we could charge for them, how we would go about making horse moulds for it’s children to grow in. I decided against this as a commercial idea but over these discussions I grew too attached to the little potato to eat it.

I planted it in the garden and kept checking on it, taking it out, giving it a wash, telling it what a lovely thing it was and putting it back. It started to grow a shoot from it’s belly. I’ve been meaning to make it a proper nest for ages and finally got around to it. It now lives in a patch behind my studio on the old rail track.

I will continue to nurture it and record it’s progress so that you may share in it’s joy from afar.

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