“At Some Stage I Saw My Self On A Video And Realised I Was Camp”

Wait for it!

I was talking to my neighbour Pete the other night about camp things and he told me this sad story about when he was young and how he uses to suppress and hide his gayness. I asked him to record what he was telling me cause I wanted to turn it into a video. Here is what came out of the story. It’s a long video, it 8:27 seconds. It’s so long because I couldn’t edit his story because I loved it so much and he has such great introspection in the story. I actually like the length of the film I think its good as it some time take a person a long time to accept them selfs for who they are and I hope the length of the film portrays that back and forth battling with them selfs. Please try to watch the whole thing cause there’s a surprise at the end! I hope you enjoy it. x



Dani from our MAFA programme message me one day and said you should apply for this art show called Queer In Exile. The show looked fun, sounded interesting and right up my ally. So I applied. I did not hear back from the curator. So I thought he was not invested in my work. Then it gets kind of weird. I really wanted to be in his show. So every time I made a new art work. I would email the curator and sent him a copy of my new work. I kind of felt like I was staking him, but I also enjoyed his curation and wanted to be a part of his show. One day I sent him a message with some new work and he got back to me right away and said this was it, this was the art work he would like to add to the show. I don’t condone staking but for some odd reason in this instance my perception paid off.

4 thoughts on ““At Some Stage I Saw My Self On A Video And Realised I Was Camp”

  • Beautifully narrated and the shot leave us always waiting for something to happen, you didn’t even need to tell me there was a surprise….I could feel it coming.
    I did miss a unicorn at the end though hehehe

  • OMG I love this David!! Perfect – the narration, the images and the music all go so well together. it’s a gem.
    you’re going from strength to strength. can I be your assistant please???


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