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This video was a real labour of self discovery. I was thinking a little bit about homophobia and gay bashings and I don’t want to trivialise them as they are real thing and was thinking back to some of the things that have happened to me. Yes I have been beaten up by stranger for being gay, had things thrown at me, yelled at, eye rolls, copying and mimicking the way I move or sound and all sorts of crazy, but I want to speak to an incident that was much, much lighter. It happened one night after da club. Me and my mate mark where eating buck a slice pizza, in the middle of the night, minding our own business. When this car pulled up and these beautiful girls stuck their head out of there car window and started yelling at us.

I originally tried to record and interview mark while on a video call so that the video would have both version of the story, his and then mine. So we both tied recording ourselves while on a video call but failed missrably.

Failed sound recording but cute picture!

Since I did not have the recording I had to work with what I had. Just a picture of mark. Another thing that was interested me in this story is that it happened years ago. In my heart I am hoping the girls have changed and opened up their hearts too diversity. In actual fact the things that the girl where yelling out of their car even though they were tying to be mean, Mark and I just started to laugh. Who sais stuff like that to to some one???

I also didn’t want to shame the girls for what they did. I made several versions of the video and in this copy I felt bad. The ending didn’t feel positive. It had harshness to it. It felt as if I was seeking revenge.

Test video/ Thought it was to Harsh so its going in the bin

It made me realise that 2020 has been such a crazy year. Im not seeking revenge or punishment and I’m not angry. I am working towards positive change. My practice it about creating positive queer space where conversation can happen and sharing and promoting love. So the video at the top called True Story is the finished project for this weeks video. I hope you enjoy it.

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