From – Human Female Nipple to unlearning the colonized gaze

This is a still from Human Female Nipple, a video I did for a Live instagram performance for the Like Lick show (see previous posts). It’s inspired by the Powers of Ten film from 1977 by Charles and Ray Eames, “a film dealing with the relative size of things in the universe”.

You are not allowed to show a human female nipple on instagram, they must be blurred. But male nipples are fine, of course.

How close can you get to an object or a concept before it starts loosing it’s meaning? When you zoom in or out, how many pixels do you need for a nipple, for example, to still be censored?


A still from Carolina Caycedo’s work


In researching body, place, the place in the body and the body in the place I found this lecture on Decolonizing Space, Place and Body. Three Artists talk about unlearning the colonised gaze, tearing down the damns in your own body to unhinder the flow. Some of the points they make were mind blowing to me, something I’ve never thought about before, like the colonized way of looking at nature photography and dancing. I feel this also really connects to feminisms in general.

When you’re to close to something, you don’t have enough pixels to realise the picture should be blocked. Deleted from your feed forever.

One thought on “From – Human Female Nipple to unlearning the colonized gaze

  • I love your writing and how you make the relationship between the video concepts and the Like Lick’s performance.
    The “Decolonizing Space, Place and Body” discussion is very enlightening. I just finished an article for the mafazine that touches on one of the subjects mentioned. So good to find more people on the same thinking path!
    Thanks for sharing 😉


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