Protest art (Galleries at CCBC)


We Will Never Stop (3D Render)

My piece made in support of the BLM protests was featured in a protest art exhibition at a community college in Baltimore. There were so many powerful submissions that all were included and there is a wide range of work that I’m proud to be showing alongside. I wanted to show the different shades of black as a center point of the piece (my blackness being in question for most of my teenage years), and the fire was a simple nod to the unbreakable black spirit, as well as the burning fire in the heart of America. My long connection to America through my family on both sides through history means I have always followed and researched the occurrences there (north and south) . For the longest time I felt estranged from America but realized eventually that my life has been intertwined with and influenced by it. America is a young country born purely out of violence and conflict, and I doubt it will suddenly break away from its nature.

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  • Amazing, really great!


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