In Out

“In Out” is a photographic series that reflect my daily routine during COVID lockdown in London.

Each piece is composed of two photographs printed together on grey 70%, forming a diptych – one showing the inside and the other the outside view of my flat.

I live in Thamesmead, where Stanley Kubrick filmed Clockwork Orange. Thamesmead is situated in south-east London, it is close to Greenwich and has a military history. However, since the 60s the place has also an important architectural role. It is a Brutalist planned town, built to help ease the housing shortage of an ever growing London population. At the time, it was hailed as the town of the future but soon it fell into the same patterns of other purposely built estates: people that moved in, used to living in terraced housing, started to feel isolated.

I live alone, on the 9th floor of a tower block. I rent a two bedroom flat and am lucky enough to have a studio in my own home. Since the lockdown, I started to look at my own living condition in a different way – paying more attention to my actual habitat. My routine changed too, I started to wake up very early whilst going to bed quite late, but never feeling tired the next day.

The “In Out” series came about because since the virus and the lockdown I feel different in terms of art making. I am more responsive to my making impulses and sometimes I have a sudden impression I am in a movie: watching life goes by from a distance. I have an urge to capture these “movie” moments as if by freezing them I am able to be more present in the real.

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