BEFORE EVIL Alan Powdrill

We now occupy a very uncertain world on may levels and for many reasons. This is intensely highlighted when looking at the political leaders that now hold power. The rise of the right wing echoes recent history where policies caused misery, hardship and death on an all too regular basis. Are leaders who abuse their power and position born this way or does nurture win over nature?

‘Before Evil’ portrays historical and present day leaders as the innocent children they once were and poses the question of what happened to them to become the adults they became who changed history for the worse?

‘Donald Trump 1947’ – Oil on Canvas – Alan Powdrill
‘Margaret Thatcher 1929’ – Oil on board – Alan Powdrill
‘Adolf Hitler 1890’ – Oil on board – Alan Powdrill
‘Mao Zedong 1898’ – Oil on board – Alan Powdrill

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