Work made before the world went into lockdown

Before the world went into turmoil. I was making prints that had the purpose to capture snippets from two separate images or pieces of information. I was interested in creating a ‘wall of screens’ or ‘static’ images of advertisement. I wanted to create a body of work that was there to overwhelm the viewer, making it harder to find the focus point when each print could be treated collectively or individually.

As my work was expanding, I wanted to create a room that was filled with the prints, but I would interested in the materiality of the work, the extension of the installation. As I mentioned previously in unit 1 that I was interested in the installation of the work. This idea was still explored before lockdown. I wanted to create a ‘post apocalyptic’ method or device that showed the snippets from the internet. So despite my work moving towards digital ideas of collage and layering, it was not explored properly due to the lack of resources.

These prints are made of screen grabs, paint and ink.

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