Months under the epidemic

In the past few months, each of us has experienced things that we have never experienced in our life. Because everyone is in a different environment, the experience should also be very different. So I want to talk about some art-related things that happened to me in the past few months.

When the government began to block London at the end of March, I was living in the Highline building of elephant & castle. Because the student apartment room was very small, it was very depressing for a person who would go out for fitness every day. At the time, all 6 classmates on the same flat had already returned home during the Easter holiday. Only me and a roommate stayed here. So I agreed with her to record each day by drawing each other. This action lasted for more than half a month. Although I didn’t persevere, I thought it made sense. After that, I hope to create a work related to my spirit and epidemic. So there is a real work of “Anxiety”. You can check it in my Magazine. This work reflects my state and repressed thoughts at that time.

This is the picture that I downloaded on the Internet and the same room I used to live in

We draw each other’s pictures

After May, I felt that my heart had calmed down and started a new creation, “Self fortune-telling”. I didn’t realize that this daily subconscious move would arouse my interest, but people are full of the unknown future. Maybe this kind of thing will happen naturally when in doubt, maybe this is the instinct buried in my genes, let me push myself to a state I have never had.

At the beginning of June, perhaps it was already unbearable to be trapped in a small room of 13 square meters, I chose to move. I specially chose a townhouse with a backyard, and the house is directly opposite the park. This is a perfect place for me. I completely released the pressure that these months have brought me, so I started to restore fitness. But because the gym didn’t open the door, I can only do some aerobic exercises. But by chance, I found that many things and natural structures can actually be my way of training, so I am now consciously looking for this place, hoping to help me become an entry point for my next work while exercising.

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