so busy

I have realised lately that it doesn’t matter how much I actually have to do, I can always make myself just slightly busier than is comfortable. I book myself in to just a few too many jobs and convince myself that they are vitally important. It puts me in a constant state of mild panic, which I thought I didn’t enjoy but guess I must do.

And most of the tasks are really obsessive and repetitive, which is something I do with my artwork too thinking I am chuckling about mind-numbing office work or keeping up with the dusting, but I don’t know maybe I’m just jealous of people with stuff to do? Idle hands are the devil’s workshop after all.

Anyway, this is some self indulgent wittering so that I can show you my compost bin. I started chopping up my food waste and cardboard really small, and it broke down to more or less soil in 6 weeks… You probably don’t understand how crazy that is if you’re not a compost nerd, but I assure you, it is crazy.

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