Death And Amusement(The process of making 43251)

The viewer enters this unfamiliar field to empty himself. They put down their judgments and opinions, and feel happy in the vacuum state of the listening process, consciously letting the image take away consciousness.

43251 \ Wen Ching-Hao \ Video Installation \ 2020

By quantifying the death population of a city through composition, this work sets the deaths interval of the Taipei population in 2019 (12 minutes and 18 seconds) to the length of the song to compose. When the music is in progress, the number of deaths in the previous year is calculated until the end (It starts to stack at 0 and reaches 43251 at the end of the song, the number of deaths in Taipei) Music plays a life-and-death (repeated experience) program that rotates 43251 individuals through the circulation of the song and the control of 12 minutes and 18 seconds The absence and appearance of ” also means that the end of the song will usher in the birth of the next ghost.

Instead, it provides a pleasant audiovisual experience, allowing the viewer to nomadic between the image and the text. The fact of death exists but is also drawn away. In the illusion of entertainment, the viewer unconsciously approaches it. After a while, it suddenly enters your sight and then disappears quickly. This is a world with no continuity and meaning, a world that does not require us or allow us to do anything, a world where death is related to your hide-and-seek, and all this is related to death. 43,251 lives become one. Group numbers, a song, a fact that is happening, a work, a discourse you are watching.

The attribute of the bracket is an industrial, cold and human-made space element. The marquee and bracket symbolize a certain right and mandatory (standardized design, 2 meters as a unit). The primary purpose is to guide the audience to choose to read the marquee. The order and the division of the area, the creation of different angles and the distance of viewing the image, they are the load that supports the marquee and the guiding structure that allows the viewer to choose how to view the image and text. On the one hand, it also gives the field a serious and The warning viewing experience forms another contrast with pictures, music, and text.

The trapezoidal stage structure allows the audience to watch on this independent plane, like an island for watching movies. The idea of this island is used as a conversion of the movie-watching experience in daily life (sofa, seat, concert Divide the area) to form a viewing order and to think about it in reverse. This independent stage seems to create a miniature society of humans.

Through the flowing abstract structure, the image visualizes the decay process of death itself in words, rhythms, and melody, from the loss of physiological phenomena and perception to the massive hallucinations of entering a state of dying.

In the process of association between text and image, the blending state of different hues and saturation in the image turns the entire field into a flowing lightbox. The viewer will have psychological expectations for the changes in colour and rhythm (trying to find and Amplify the senses to think about the different forms of colour changes produced by each rhythm) to promote vision and hearing to maintain a highly focused state to participate in the entire process.

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