Co.Lab Sound is an experimental testbed for artists to develop new work and collaborate live. Informed by a long line of experimental music, sound art and performance, these events embrace the processes of improvisation and experimentation to showcase artists expanding the field of sound art and what it means to experience art live.

Performing is inherently participatory, our aim is to develop a new dialogue between the audience and our exhibiting artists, collectives and musicians by making the audience a part of the making process. We encourage the disruptive, the active and outspoken. Take part, take in and be live.


In this project, the artists not only present their works as individuals but also 14 artists continue to create sound as a whole. We collaborated on 14 different sound overlay editing projects during the pre-preparation period of Fringe Arts Bath Festival. Each artist shared their initial audio, and each artist received 14 different sound files and mixes them with each other.

Sound file overlay editing work:


We will undertake a long term one-year cooperation project and continue to participate in the next year’s Fringe Arts Bath festival as a whole team.

Sound collaboration is the heart of this project.

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