The ‘Randomness’ of information

As I started to think more about the snippets of information we see on a day to day basis on social media and how I can show this in my work. I wanted to find a way that I could limit the content I display in my work. I wanted it to be a ‘random’ process of exploring information, instead of me choosing the images. Something about separating my self from the selection of the work became important in the way I made work. I did not want to fall in the habit of repeating the same visual process that I have done before. I wanted the snippets of information to be completely out of my hands. Before having chats with peers about how I could do this, I was screen shotting images and snippets from instagram during the whole lockdown and then using the images in my work

Jair Bolsonaro, Corona Virus

So I was thinking of ways in how I could explore this, how I could use a random image generator to pick images and content from the internet. But I thought that this may be too broad for my concepts. So I started to make screen recordings on my phone, up to 4 mins a video. The videos would just be made up of me scrolling through the internet. When this was done, I would randomly select ‘time stamps’ and print them out and make work from them. I felt that it was a better method of explaining my ideas of digital arbitration.

Unfortunately, I am unable to post the video into this blog due to the size.

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