Making Space

During lockdown I have been thinking alot about the concept of finding or making space inside the everyday. During the mass panic buying there were alot of empty shelves in the supermarkets, alot of companies were closed so you would find lots of blank advertisement boards. Photographing the empty shelves I got an idea to start photoshopping my work onto them.

This felt humourous, but not real, so I started exhibiting my work in the real- onto the empty advertisement boards.

This use of toilet paper and everyday essential items as a way to make and exhibit work made me want to make my own gallery out of everyday, scrapped material. A non-white-walled-space in which the gallery is as much the work of art as the art exhibited inside it.

I made the ‘cardboard box gallery’ out of cardboard, it stands 1 meter tall and 0.6m wide.

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