mask as a new mode of statement


I have made a poster asking the Indian govt to release all political prisoners

Release all the incarcerated voices of democracy and uphold their right to life

“When I refused to die
My chains were loosened.
I came out
Into the vast meadows
smiling at the leaves of grass.
My smile caused intolerance in them.
I was shackled again.
When I defied death again,
tired of my life,
my captors released me.
I walked out
into the lush green valleys
under the rising sun
smiling at the tossing blades of grass.
Infuriated by my undying smile,
they captured me again.
I still stubbornly refuse to die.
The sad thing is that
they don’t know how to kill me,
because I love so much
the sounds of growing grass.
G.N. Saibaba
26th October 2017
(Remembering October 1917)

(written to Vasantha)”

#freevaravararao & #other all #politicalprisoners

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