Shizuka Yokomizo: ‘Dear Stranger…’

An image from Yokomizo’s ‘Strangers’ series

The many images, in the news, of people exercising and communicating from windows and balconies, in enforced isolation (soon we may all share Julian Assange’s recent experience – see below), reminded me of the artist Shizuka Yokomizo, who wrote to complete strangers in various cities, inviting them to stand at their window at an agreed time to be photographed by the artist from the street outside: the resulting works are a poignant mixture of intimacy and lonely remoteness; closer in tone to long-distance complicity than voyeurism.

Julian Assange addresses the press during his seven year refuge at the Ecuadorean Embassy, London

One thought on “Shizuka Yokomizo: ‘Dear Stranger…’

  • I feel like I am definitely getting an experience of Cabin Fever. I think “lonely remoteness” is a good description.


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