In Collaboration

Finding strength in friends.

This week in quarantine I had the chance of making sock puppets of 3 influential and inspiring people, who’s essays I have been reading. 1 Susan Sontag, Notes on Camp 2. Andy Warhol Fame and 3. Martin Luther King, JR. Letter From Birmingham Jail.

With the help and collaboration of Danis photo shop skills, we have put the sock pupets in their rightful places.

Susan Socktag – In a University Library

Andy Sockhol – In the Factory Studio

Martin Luther Stalking – Leading a Demonstration

4 thoughts on “In Collaboration

  • I love them! What an amazing idea! You might enjoy the work of Greer Lankton (I may have told you about her before) but I was looking over her work earlier and I just thought you and then I saw this XD! I love it are you planning to make any more? <3

  • Your pic of Susan Socktag/Sontag (weirdly, found her grave, in Paris recently) reminded me that her 1978 book ‘Illness as Metaphor’ seems another appropriate book for our times.

  • So good! I love how manic everyone is when they become socks! They made me think of Natalie Djurberg’s animations


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