Update on ‘Trees & waterfalls’

After a few sessions of ‘arts & crafts’, the game ‘Trees & waterfalls’ is finally complete! The blobs have been made into plastic beaded forms and a square box for the container of the game has been found! Instructions for the game are inside the container and a coloured dice has been revamped for the game. Who’s up for a game?

2 thoughts on “Update on ‘Trees & waterfalls’

  • It looks great! I really like the painting on the board and the addition of the box is very fitting 😀 also reminds me how I used to love those beads lol

  • A ‘Pandora’s Box’, with a William Morris lid. The instructions could almost be a poem.
    I was fortunate to be in a touring exhibition years ago, called ‘Worlds in a Box’. I had a work in it, a bit like this more recent one: https://www.artimage.org.uk/21085/jeffrey-dennis/neighbourhood-plan–2007

    That show also featured many of the artists associated with the Fluxus movement, whose work (as you may already know – I might be ‘mansplaining’, sorry) often resembled games (e.g. Yoko Ono’s all-white chess set). By focusing on the role of art to invite interactive engagement, rather than passive viewing, the movement may be regarded as a precursor to the more recent ‘Relational Aesthetics’ movement.


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