Going Postal

I received this mysterious package a couple of days ago in the post.

It’s a plain brown envelop with festive silver tape, postmark blurry and illegible.


One small two-legged cow bearing the slightly ominous inscription: “the saliva on this cow is many years old” (neatly handwritten in dark pink market pen).

A small wad of tinfoil, sealed with a piece of masking tape, labelled in ballpoint pen by the same hand, with the words: “fat baby”.

Inside the tinfoil was 2 seeds. I’ve just planted them. Let’s see what comes up.

If you’ve received a similar package, please post images and growth results.

3 thoughts on “Going Postal

  • There is enough in your ‘package’ to mull over the next two weeks, at least.
    ‘Stop Making Sense’ is the phrase that keeps echoing through my addled mind.

  • Ah, those heady days when other people’s spit was just gross..
    I look forward to seeing your seed progress

    • I so love mail art! Am super-excited about the seeds — hopefully will grow into something lovely if they can survive my amateur gardening skills.


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