Dear people, (Part I)

Summary of government communications, in chronological order (largely), for the period 3 March-9 April. As delivered, but shortened. Collated for posterity. Source: https://www.gov.uk/search/news-and-communications

Dear people,

I’ve got to be clear. Let me be absolutely clear.

This will be mild
They will speedily and fully recover
But I fully understand your concern.

Keeping the country safe
Committed to doing everything possible
extremely well prepared,
and prepare for all eventualities:
wash our hands.

We should be going about our business as usual
doing everything we can
it is absolutely critical, it is absolutely critical.

We take the right decisions at the right time
and rise to that challenge:
wash our hands.

I’ve got to be clear
we’ve done what can be done

We’ve all got to be clear
will rise sharply and indeed perhaps much higher

I must level with you
going to lose loved ones.

And so it is vital
we have a clear plan:
wash our hands.

Set out our lines of defence
Against going on cruises 
Guided by the science

We are not – repeat not
Do the right thing at the right time.

Wash our hands.

There is no escaping the reality
All we can to help you and your family
Wash our hands.

Things seem tough now
– fight back.

And if you ask, why are we doing this now, why now
the answer is
the right moment, as we’ve always said

But, I believe, it’s now necessary
wash our hands.

And it’s now clear that it’s coming faster
and it looks as though
a few weeks ahead.
But obviously, logically as we advise against
(it is right that we should)
we are asking a lot 
far more now than just washing hands.

For the part that you are playing and are going to play
so dangerous,
already extreme.

I must level with you
our overall plan for beating
steps that are unprecedented
all we can and as quickly as we can.

Do whatever it takes

We must
we must
we must
Wash our hands.

As time goes on we will learn
the government machine must
must do more and faster

however tough
the effects of our actions.

this enemy can be deadly
do whatever it takes
and know how to beat it.
Wash our hands.

Massively scale up
national fightback
is being rolled out.

Protect themselves.

We are asking
I want to repeat that everyone – everyone –
come back and help us 
come back and help us.

And we will continue
to do the right thing at the right time
apply downward pressure,
further downward pressure
(this will be frustrating) 

And these measures are crucial
These steps will not be easy
We are making provisions
and it will make it harder
and that’s why we are working now.

Sacrifice at this difficult time
a critical part of our fightback
the right steps at the right time
(this will be frustrating)

do whatever it takes.
and I know that will be difficult too

And I wanted to try to say something today
as the days have gone by

I do think, looking at it all, 
And I am absolutely confident
And above all we are getting better.

the enemy is invisible
and the answer is 
it’s early days.

A total gamechanger
and you can go back to work
and ramping up
rapidly coming down the track
take time to come on stream

And that is why
we stand behind them
to remove the cloak of invisibility

Please, please
it is absolutely vital
The announcements

And I know how difficult it may be
stand by your workers
I have absolutely no doubt that
we will stand by.

I want to repeat that determination
We are going to do it
We are going to do it 
we will do everything in our power
we will stand by.

And above all
I know it has been tough.
I know it has been inconvenient.

We will stand by.

and of course I am confident that, in time
your restraint and your sacrifice
is going to bounce back.
Of course it is.

But I must be absolutely clear with you
And of course people have already made a huge effort
But we need now to push down further 
But please don’t.

And to ram that point home
We will get through this.
But please don’t.

Thank you for your sacrifice
do something differently today.

This government will be standing behind you
I know how tough it must be.

To prop up
unprecedented steps
we have to take special steps.
That is what we want to do.

So it is crucial that people understand tomorrow
and don’t think that fresh air in itself
is absolutely crucial,
and I know how difficult that is.

This invisible killer
because there won’t be enough
that is the moment of real danger.
So it’s vital
say No.

And that’s why we have been asking people
say No.

And I can assure you
The time has now come
we are accelerating
we are pioneering
we are buying millions
working flat out
there are just no easy options
And they will be absolutely crucial.

all my top team
world-leading scientists
only limited numbers
and so it is vital

They will be driving
only limited numbers

They will be bringing
only limited numbers
And they will be absolutely crucial.

And so it is vital
to everybody who’s doing what I’m doing.
appreciate the difficult predicament
lead the national fightback 

we’re going to win, we’re going to beat it
all my top team
on the frontline

unprecedented action
a team working around the clock
boosted resources, redeployed people tripled capacity
working intensively round the clock

Invisible killer
we are ready to bounce back.

It’s important for me to level with you
The steps we are taking to combat
our loved ones 
I understand completely. 

These rules must be observed:
make ends meet and put food on the table.
The rules you need to follow. 
We are making the right preparations 
working flat out 

Hi folks.
I’ve developed mild symptoms
I’ve taken a test.

In extremely good spirits.

[to be continued]

9 thoughts on “Dear people, (Part I)

  • This is brilliant. How did you get the text, I mean, what was the method?

  • ahahaha I’m so glad someone actually read it!!! thanks Dani! xxxx

    1- read all Downing Street covid briefings from the first one.
    2- copy and paste selected rhetoric to a word document
    3- cut the fluff, but leave phrases as delivered, do not change order in which they were delivered.

    easy peasy!!

    • I agree with Holly, this is good shit man! I think you on to something
      I’d make it shorter though, so people would feel eager to read. Maybe split into weeks so they feel the progression of time…I don’t just some ideas

  • yes! thank you both this is so useful!! the whole point of this blog in fact! Text requires so many iterations. I posted it like this here because frankly I didn’t know what to do with it, how to present it in Thea’s online show. how to show text is something I really need to think about.

  • Your usual acerbic focus. Poignant, spirited, emotionally connected.

  • great development your whats-app text piece. I would like to hear it performed by a suited man/woman at a podium


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