The 1st São Paulo Bienal – 1951

“By its very definition, the Bienal should perform two main tasks: that of putting Brazilian modern art, not merely in confrontation, but in direct contact with art from the rest of the world, while simultaneously trying to establish São Paulo as an international center for art. Comparisons to Venice were inevitable; rather than running from it, it was a learning opportunity, as well as an encouraging incentive.”

MACHADO, Lourival Gomes. “Introdução” [Introduction]. In I Bienal do Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo, São Paulo: Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo, 1951, pp.14-15 (exhibition catalogue)

1ST BIENAL DE SÃO PAULO – http://bienal.org.br/exposicoes/1bienal

32nd Bienal Virtual Tour – http://sites.fbsp.org.br/tour32bienal/

Though it’s dark, still I sing – 34th Bienal de São Paulo – http://bienal.org.br/post/6521

2 thoughts on “The 1st São Paulo Bienal – 1951

  • Great poster.
    Perhaps it is good moment to consider what any Bienal/Biennale/Biennial exhibition is for,
    Who is it for?
    What is the agenda?
    Is it about art?
    What makes it successful? The number of visitors? Good reviews for the art? Money changing hands? The host country being accepted as a cultivator and nurturer of culture?

  • Wow, that a lot of questions!
    Yeah, I loved the poster too. That was what called my attention to the website actually.


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