Letter in lockdown: 1

From one friend to another. 2020

Reading this letter,
I thought of times past.
I thought of your face,
Your smile.
I haven't read a letter for
Quite a while.

Emails are fast,
Yet letters more meaning.
Written with feeling.

Text messages,
Scattered emojis.
Not for the oldies
Who can't understand,
The need for instant
Even on vacation.

I can't stop grasping
For the phone.
It's a stone
Hanging heavily in my pocket.
Technology follows me,
It won't let me be.

Your handwriting,
Your scribbles
In ink,
Makes me think
Of a time before the millennium.

When we rode our bikes,
Into the park,
Had a lark.
And hung around,
Not worried if we're found,
We're safe and sound.

The post would arrive
Two times a day.
There was something quite exciting
Getting something in writing.

The letter,
A life of it's own,
With inflections and tone,
Read multiple times,
Every time
New meaning,
New feeling.
From the journey.

I remember
The first letter I read.
Those memories
Reminding me
Re-winding me back
Into my past.

Words more sincere,
In a letter,
It's somehow better.


Mary-Ann Stevens

Final term on a Masters in Fine Art, Chelsea College School of Art, London (2020).

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