Refining the important parts

Recently, I have been thinking more and more about what is important in an art piece, for the piece to be activated or complete. I’ve been thinking about the importance of the context of the work and where you place the work and what that does to the way work can be seen.

Materiality: I have been exploring my ideas through a material lens. I have been making work from found objects such as cinder blocks, blocks of wood from pallets, bricks, polystyrene etc. I’ve been trying to be as critical as I can be with these explorations, but I still need the work to be playful, so I can discover more ideas and processes.

I have noticed that, the more bizarre shaped the object is, the more work disappears down a different avenue. Focused more on the materiality rather than the concept, so this is always something to be aware of. Trying to find the balance between physicality of materials and concept


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