Does he love me, I wanna know?

Duffy in protest. ‘Does he love me, I wanna know’

Duffy protests ‘LOVE’. Alone in the street she struts down the road as if she might be at a busy protest. There is no shame in flaunting her ‘LOVE’ sign. She feels empowered to make a scene. The street is strangely quiet, people staying inside, only to watch through windows, as if disconnecting themselves from Duffy’s ‘LOVE’ cause. One child remarks ‘we don’t do that in this street!’

Mary-Ann Stevens

Final term on a Masters in Fine Art, Chelsea College School of Art, London (2020).

2 thoughts on “Does he love me, I wanna know?

  • Yes, I think he does hahaha

    Though you do look like you love the car behind you more 😉

    • It was funny, as the neighbours watched from their window as I performed in the street. Three cyclists waited with irritation for me to finish before they set off which was amusing. Mostly though it was funny having to keep moving out of the road for cars to go past. They all looked with thunderous faces at me, they were ‘not amused’!


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