How long can you make relevant work without ever leaving your flat again?

Looking back at the Hanover Space Gallery and options to stay inside forever.

Hanover Space is a spare room gallery that I founded in my flat in Peckham. We only had the chance to do one show before everything got shut down. But now the gallery is a studio, and a laundry room and a plant nursery and a place where I spy at the neighbors and mutter to my self that they are obviously throwing recycling in with the general waste.


What if you never left your flat ever again? Either by choice, by pandemic related government sanctions or fear of getting robbed in a Morrison’s parking lot, like what happened to my flat mate last night. How long would you be content with the resources you’ve got? How long would you make work? How long could you make relevant work? Also, what is relevant work.

Can you make art in a vacuum? Is there such a thing as a vacuum anymore, with our infinite access to everything all the time?

Vacuum is american for hoover. I’d like to make work in a hoover. We have Hetty the hoover because she was 20% cheaper than Henry. That’s a piece of work right there just waiting to happen!

If you’d never leave your space again and only use the materials readily available to you, would your practice just become one big navel inspection? Isn’t that basically what all art practice is about, if you look at it with a microscope?

I think that during lock down my practice has become slightly less narcissistic and more research based than before, now I’m researching other peoples narcissism because I’ve had too much time with my own.

2 thoughts on “How long can you make relevant work without ever leaving your flat again?

  • I love your questions, very pertinent….I feel I want to try to answer them all!

  • In 2016 when I was 19 I had just been accepted to university. But I spent most of my time indoors the summer before I started my BA just drawing, reading books and watching movies. I spent a lot of the time trapped in my own thoughts so everything made sense to me but when I went and was around other people I didn’t know how to function because I was so trapped in the world I created within my art then. I look back and in some ways think it was the purest art I ever made because it was just me and what I liked. But I also wonder how my work would be had I just continued on in that way.


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