Reading for another day

In response to Claudia’s Lockdown Reading.

Some things I have been meaning to read. Saved for later, from the past five weeks.

On Art:

Open letter to artist-run centres in Quebec:
Moving Beyond Statements of Solidarity

Robert Irwin’s 9 Most Invisible Artworks, From Dots That Disappear to Scrims That Veil Secret Worlds

Ennio Morricone, Prolific Italian Composer for the Movies, Dies at 91

John G. Hampton Appointed Interim Director and CEO of Mackenzie Art Gallery

Why I Tallied BIPOC Artists Represented by Commercial Galleries—and What I Hope Comes Next

Alleging ‘Plantation-Like Culture,’ Former Workers Accuse New Orleans Museum of Art of Racism and Hypocrisy

Meet 10 students from CSM’s BA Fashion Class of 2020

How to make your own ink from foraged spring plants

Meet the Godfather of Voguing

Inside The Club Nights That Are The Beating Heart Of The LGBTQIA+ Community

On Earth and Land:

B.C.’s revered spirit bear is rarer than anyone thought, says First Nations-led study

US Supreme Court rules half of Oklahoma is Native American land

‘An alarm bell we must not ignore’: Major report calls for huge pesticide reductions to halt collapse in vital insect populations

Why clothes are so hard to recycle

The fast fashion fix: 20 ways to stop buying new clothes for ever

People are planting tiny urban forests to boost biodiversity and fight climate change

Why you should go animal-free: 18 arguments for eating meat debunked

Greenwashing is the climate’s silent enemy. Here’s what to do about it.

Trans Mountain Pipeline spill in Abbotsford estimated at up to 190,000 litres of crude oil

On Race and Power:

Thoughts of Liberation

Toronto’s CAMH says police should not be 1st responders to mental health calls

The History That James Baldwin Wanted America to See

Stop blaming everything bad on anarchists

The story of Ontario’s last segregated Black school

Mothers of black Americans killed by police speak out: ‘Nothing’s changed’

Zoom admits cutting off activists’ accounts in obedience to China

Canada Among Very Worst White Supremacist Countries: Report

The emotional impact of watching white people wake up to racism in real-time

Angela Davis: ‘We knew that the role of the police was to protect white supremacy’

On COVID-19:

Warning of serious brain disorders in people with mild coronavirus symptoms

Migrant advocacy group demands Ontario shut down agricultural sector amid COVID-19 spike

On Food (and recipes):

The future of food: inside the world’s largest urban farm – built on a rooftop

Vegan Beetroot Cheese

Whitehorse greenhouse keeps stores stocked with local produce

The Chocolate-Brewing Witches of Colonial Latin America



Bayer to pay up to $10.9B US to settle Roundup lawsuits

We can no longer ignore the potential of psychedelic drugs to treat depression

Residents move from tents into cabins at Kitchener’s newest settlement for the homeless

James Bowen says goodbye to ‘unforgettable’ street cat Bob

An Ode to the Dog from ‘Yoga with Adriene’, the True Hero of Lockdown

The anonymous Korean vloggers creating the most meditative content on YouTube

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