Dinner through a screen

staying connected trough food

During times of isolation, I formed a group full of artists who were interested in food and communication as a topic. Due to my interest in how society communicates using objects; referencing social gatherings, food is used as a cultural material and tool for communication, sharing, comfort, and celebration.1 However, I was interested in whether it will have the same impact under physical distancing? During our time together, we shared pictures of every meal; we understood the appreciation that someone in the world cared that we were eating good, or that someone in the world was eating good. We shared a few meals together on screen, and even talked about cultural differences in preparing, and dining. Though it is a project that is currently ongoing, I am pleased with the amount of documentation and work that has been produced through this connection with the help of food.

sharing a meal
talking about food and traditions

  1. Douglas, Mary. The World of Goods: towards an Anthropology of Consumption. London: Routledge, 2010.

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